Small Antishock Metatarsal Cushion in Gel

Elegance and comfort? Now you can!
It gives well-being to tired feet and allows to be standing for many hours.

24 energy


It helps to prevent the pain caused to the metatarso from the continuous
use of shoes with high heels. The special knurling stimulates plesso
solar. It softens and lubricates callosity until reverting them. Suited to all
types of shoes with high heels, opened, closed and sandals.

item size package pair
0379 one size Case 1

antislide thin shape

Insert in the front part of the shoes with the designed part to contact of the foot. Let it join perfectly to the shoes and wear it.

  • Soft support which prevents the pain caused to the metatarso from the use of high heels
  • It massages your foot
  • It nourishes your skin
  • It is the only one made in natural Gel not changeable in shape
  • Small antishock metatarsal cushion which absorbs impacts and vibrations
  • Washable and re-usable
  • Invisible, thin and transparent also with open shoes
  • Antislide, thanks to its knurling, it avoids the sliding of the foot inside the shoes
  • Suited to all types of shoes
  • Hygienic because washable
  • Long-lasting because re-usable
  • It assures comfort and relief for all the day
  • Avoid movements of the foot and torsion of the ankle
  • The only totally non-toxic product, non-allergic which remains the same during the time giving relief and also curative effects