Removable Heel Pads In Gel


The high and natural presence of mineral oil softens and lubricates the affected area, assisting the prevention of corns and calluses.

Silicone gel products do not retain feet odours, can be washed delicately by hands, dry to the air and then sprinkle with talc.

The softness of Silicone gel makes the affected foot area well protected and adaptable for all type of shoes interiors, maintaining its original shape after use.

Thanks to the friendly boxes with explained pictures, the use of each product becomes very easy.
Heel pads in silicone gel, absorb shocks and vibrations. Appropriately developed for protecting the heel bone and treating heel inflammations, a removable insert of differentiated density improves relief.

item size package pair
0384/S S 35/39 Case 1
0384/M M 40/43 Case 1
0384/L L 44/48 Case 1

Perfekt Silicone Gel is a complete line of aids for the solution of foot health. Non-toxic non-allergic remains the same during time, giving relief. For over 15 years produced by PODOSPECIAL ITALY laboratories.