Pometone Liquicaps

Pometone Liquicaps

Unparalleled Combination Of Nature and Science

Pometone Liquicaps is an unparalleled combination of Nature and Science. Pometone Liquicaps is made using German Technology known as “Lipisol Technology”. Lipisol Technology ensures faster absorption and thus better bioavailability.

Pometone Liquicaps provide the benefit of Pomegranate seed oil in “Hard Gelatin Capsule” The benefit of Hard Gelatin Capsule over soft Gelatin Capsule is faster disintegration time in the stomach which ensures faster absorption in the body and rapid action.

Pometone Liquicaps reverse the damage caused by Sunburn and UV Rays and helps to regain the lost beauty. Pometone Liquicaps is an excellent skin moisturizer and has ability to smoothen and calm the skin.


Pometone Liquicaps Composition

2 Liquicaps / Amount per serving

Pomegranate seed oil 1000 mg
Excipients q.s.

Two Liquicaps daily or as directed by the health care professional

Each pack contains 30 Liquicaps ( 2 X 15’s)