Ladysef Vaginal Douche

Glycerinated Extracts of Horsetail, Eucalyptus, Chamomile and Thyme Essential Oil, Specifically Formulated For Vaginal Irrigation.

This vaginal douche containing glycerinated extracts of horsetail, eucalyptus, and chamomile and thyme essential oil is specifically formulated for vaginal irrigation.
The presence of horsetail, chamomile and eucalyptus in the formulation of the douche solution lends it a soothing, emollient and refreshing action, particularly
Useful in preventing irritation of the vaginal mucosa, while thyme imparts a pleasing fragrance. The specific pH is compatible with physiological conditions of acidity of the vaginal mucosa.



Ladysef Vaginal Douche COMPOSITION
Glycerinated extract of horsetail, glycerinated extract of eucalyptus, glycerinated extract of chamomile, thyme essential oil, tween 20, methyl
parahydroxybenzoate, -2phenoxyethanol, disodium EDTA, lactic acid, sodium phosphate dibasic dodecahydrate, purified water. Soap free.

Dosage – For Single Dose Ready to Use

Pack size – 140 ml Bottle, 4 bottles