Arceclox Softgels

Arceclox Cream


Vitane introduces Arceclox in two dosage forms namely cream and Softgels. Arcelcox cream provides the benefit of Celadrin and Menthol while Arceclox Softgels provide the benefit of Celadrin.

Celadrin is a natural proprietary ingredient that has been clinically proven to reduce discomfort and rapidly promote joint health, improving the flexibility and mobility. It enhances cell membranes throughout the body and restores fluids that cushion bones and joints to promote flexibility and mobility without discomfort.
➢ Immediate and deep penetration on Topical application.
➢ Improves Joint mobility and flexibility.
➢ Reduces discomfort and promotes Joint Health.

The gelatin used in the manufacturing of capsules and softgels has been derived from a Bovine (Cow) HALAL animal source and the product is also free from any TSE/BSE sources. All Vitane Products Containing gelatin and other ingredients from an animal source does NOT contain any Porcine (Pig) source.

Our products are Halal



Arceclox Softgels Composition

Arceclox Softgel
Celadrin 525 mg

Arceclox softgels:
Adults: Take one softgel 3 times daily.